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The marketing place for motor boats and motor yachts in Italy.

Motorboats in Italy - sale and rental - motor yachts Are you looking to buy a motor boat?
Welcome to motor boats in Italy. You can find many motor boats and sailing boats that are moored in Italy. You will find many interesting offers in all price ranges, from well-known boat traders as well as private sellers. If you are looking for financing or yacht leasing we would recommend the following companyYacht-Finanz.

Or are you looking to sell a motor boat?
We recommend the following marketing places oder If you enterItaly under moorings, your boat will automatically be shown on these pages.In combination with the entry on our market place, the entry on these pages is free of charge.

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Current charter offers of the week

Fairline Squadron 74 - NIRVANA (Crew) (motor yacht)
Weekly rate from: EUR 25,000

powerboat, Length: 23.94 m, Cabins: 4, y.b.: 2003
Berth: Split, Tivat, Venice, Croatia, Montenegro, Ital...
Charter region: Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands, Venetian Lagoon, M...
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Riva Slendida 72 - Babluc (motor yacht)
Weekly rate from: EUR 15,000

powerboat, Length: 22 m, Cabins: 2, y.b.: 2002
Berth: Poltu Quatu, Italy
Charter region: Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia, Mediterranean Sea, Cost...
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Bavaria 38 Sport top - Cittanova (motor yacht)
Weekly rate from: EUR 3,500

powerboat, Length: 13.20 m, Cabins: 2, y.b.: 2008
Berth: Novigrad, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy
Charter region: Adriatic Sea, Istria, Kvarner Gulf, Gulf of Trieste
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The latest boats

Baglietto 14 - M - motorboat
Price: € 25,000.00

Year of manufacture: 1970, Length: 15.00 m, Width: 4.10 m
Second hand boat, Motor yacht, Engine: Detroit Diesel 2 Takt 2 x 2...
Berth: Aprilia Marittima, Italy
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Cranchi Zaffiro 34 - motorboat
Price: € 100,000.00

Year of manufacture: 2006, Length: 10.35 m, Width: 3.49 m
Second hand boat, Motor yacht, Engine: Volvo Penta D4 2 x 260 HP
Berth: Mare Adriatico, Italy
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